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Lexmark CX410 | Lexmark CX510 multipack

Lexmark CX410 | Lexmark CX510 multipack

Ref: 80C2HK0M

Lexmark CX410 | Lexmark CX410DE | Lexmark CX410DTE | Lexmark CX410E | Lexmark CX510 | Lexmark CX510DE | Lexmark CX510DEW | Lexmark CX510DHE | Lexmark CX510DTHE high capacity remanufactured toner cartridge multipack

Page yield: 4000 pages (black) 3000 pages (colours) @ 5% average coverage

Replaces OEM codes: 80C2HK0 (black), 80C2HM0 (magenta), 80C2HC0 (cyan), 80C2HY0 (yellow)

1.1p per page with multipack purchase (ex.VAT)

At TONERMAN we aim to provide quality, reliable and cost effective recycled consumables to meet all your printing requirements. All Lexmark toners are professionally refurbished on site in the UK in a specialist toner re-processing center. Fully trained printer technicians individually test all toners to ensure their reliability and performance. TONERMAN Lexmark toners are 100% guaranteed and act as direct replacements for originals. They operate seamlessly with your printer and will in no way impede its functionality or productivity. This really does allow you to achieve defined and vibrant laser printing for less.

LEXMARK 410 & 510

Price: 169.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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