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Oki C3100 | Oki C3200 yellow

Oki C3100 | Oki C3200 yellow

Ref: 42804513

Oki C3100 | Oki C3200 high capacity remanufactured yellow toner cartridge.
Page yield: 3000 pages. OEM code: 42804513.

Oki C3100 | Oki C3200 yellow

OKI 3100 & OKI 3200

TONERMAN recycled OKI toners enable you to obtain a perfect print finish at a fraction of the cost of using original toners. All our toners have been expertly refurbished on site in the UK and we guarantee prints free from faded colours and image distortion. TONERMAN has many years of experience in the Printing Industry and at our specialist re-processing centre have developed a proven methodology of producing premium recycled printer consumables. All toners are performance tested prior to dispatch ensuring optimum functionality and print quality. TONERMAN OKI toners will in no way invalidate the warranty of your printer and are therefore the ideal option for any budget conscious consumer.

Price: 14.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

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