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Oki C3520 | Oki C3530 black

Oki C3520 | Oki C3530 black

Ref: 43459324

Oki C3520 | Oki C3530 high capacity remanufactured black toner cartridge.
Page yield: 2500 pages. OEM code: 43459324.

Oki C3520 | Oki C3530 black

OKI 3520 & OKI 3530

TONERMAN recycled OKI toners provide a perfect print finish and are an extremely cost-effective alternative to using originals. This makes them perfect for business use by reducing the cost-per-page ratio whilst maintaining eye catching graphics. All OKI toners are professionally re-manufactured on site in the UK by fully trained printer technicians. Toners are individually tested prior to sale to ensure they are tailored to the precise requirements of your printer. TONERMAN toners are 100% guaranteed and will not in any way compromise your printer's functionality. They have been expertly refurbished in order to generate continuous high speed pages which are free from faded colours and image distortion.

Price: 13.96 (Including VAT at 20%)

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