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Oki C510 | Oki C530 | Oki MC561 multipack high

Oki C510 | Oki C530 | Oki MC561 multipack high

Ref: 44469804M

High capacity remanufactured toner cartridge multipack which is compatible with Oki C510 | Oki C530 | Oki MC561 Laser Printers. Page yield: 5000 pages (black and colours).
Includes 1 x black (44469804), 1 x magenta (44469723), 1 x cyan (44469724) and 1 x yellow (44469722).

Oki C510 | Oki C530 | Oki MC561 multipack

OKI 510, 530, 561

At TONERMAN we produce recycled OKI C510 toners that allow you to print superb quality images and text at a significant discount when compared to using originals. This makes them an ideal investment for the cost conscious office by reducing the average cost-per-page whilst all the time generating intricately detailed and vibrant pages. All OKI C510 toners are professionally refurbished and tested on site in the UK in a fully equipped specialist toner reprocessing centre. Trained technicians use high quality toner and dependable component parts to create a product which can be used as a direct replacement for the original product. TONERMAN OKI C510 toners operate at a high speed level in perfect harmony with your printer and due to our product confidence we offer a 100% guarantee.

Price: 56.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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