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Oki ES8451 | Oki ES8461 black

Oki ES8451 | Oki ES8461 black

Ref: 44059260

High capacity remanufactured black toner cartridge which is compatible with Oki ES8451 | Oki ES8461 Laser Printers.
Page yield: 9000 pages. OEM code: 44059260.

Oki ES8451 | Oki ES8461 black

OKI 8451 & OKI 8461

TONERMAN is an experienced UK based company specialising in recycling empty original OKI ES8451 | OKI ES8461 toner cartridges to produce an equivalent remanufactured consumable capable of equal print performance and quality as OEM toners. Our economical and eco-friendly toner cartridges are ideal for any office or home environment looking to reduce thier printing overheads without compromising printing results. TONERMAN OKI ES8451 | OKI ES8461 toners are a 100% guaranteed.

Price: 40.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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